Landscape Committee Overview

Stoney Brook Landscape Committee Project Priorities for 2023 (coming soon)

Who We Are
The Stoney Brook Landscape Committee is comprised of homeowners with special knowledge of plant materials, landscape design and horticultural practices for the Urban Front Range. We work collaboratively with the general manager (Angela Miller) and grounds crew supervisor (Saul Dominguez) to maintain, renew, and improve the landscape in the common areas of our community.

What We Do

The members of the Landscape Committee:

• monitor the health and appearance of landscape in common area.
• design landscape renovations and small-scale projects.
• assist the crew with plant selection and placement.
• generate materials lists and cost estimates.
• decide on priorities and create project schedules.
• facilitate community events such as Stoney Brook Community Gardeners workdays.

Our Mission

The Landscape Committee seeks to:

•   protect and enhance property values related to Stoney Brook’s unique landscape.
•   maintain harmony of appearance throughout the community. 
•   encourage the use of appropriate plants and practice for our arid environment.
•   conserve water and other resources wherever possible.