Landscape Committee Overview

Stoney Brook Landscape Committee Project Priorities for 2022

Who We Are

The Landscape Committee—formerly known as the Grounds Committee. It is comprised of homeowners with special knowledge of plant materials, landscape design and/or horticultural practices for the Urban Front Range.
Our Mission
The Landscape Committee seeks to:
•    protect and enhance property values related to Stoney Brook’s unique landscape.
•    maintain harmony of appearance throughout the Stoney Brook community.
•    encourage the use of appropriate plant materials for the size and environmental conditions of the site.
•    conserve water wherever possible.

What We Do
Stoney Brook HOA rules state that homeowners must obtain prior approval from ARC for all landscape renovations that “appreciably change the appearance of the lot.” Grounds Committee members serve as advisors who:
•    inform homeowners about the approval process.
•    provide information regarding plant selection and placement.
•    review landscape plans or proposals and make recommendations if requested.
We also work collaboratively with the property manager to design and implement landscape renovations in the common areas.

The Landscape Committee members for 2022 are Martha Lederer (Chair), Lori Stonbraker (liaison to ARC) and Debbie Wolach (liaison to the Board).