Architectural Review Committee


In general, all changes, alterations or modifications (except for those related to routine maintenance) made to the exterior of a home, or other item on the plot plan/property envelope or change made to the plot plan/property envelope requires an approval through the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) processes and guidelines.  Required forms must be completed by the homeowner.  No work should begin until the homeowner receives a written ARC approval.  Improvements and changes requiring ARC approval include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Arbors and trellises
  • Awnings, sunshades, sunscreens and pergolas
  • Exterior additions, changes or installation
  • Deck replacement, deck additions and railings
  • Drainage regrades and/or diversions
  • Egress basement windows and window wells
  • Exterior speakers and televisions
  • Fence replacements or fence additions
  • Fountains and/or water features
  • Hot tub installations
  • Landscape redesign
  • Outdoor lighting (security lighting exempt)
  • Outdoor sculptures, statues, artwork, and lawn ornaments
  • Painting, siding, and staining
  • Rain barrels
  • Roof replacement
  • Sidewalk and driveway replacements
  • Skylights
  • Solar system installations
  • Window replacements

* For additional detail on each of these improvement categories, please see the ARC Review Process and Guidelines document on the SBHOA website.

To undertake any changes, the procedure to proceed requires completed forms found on the Stoney Brook HOA website under Forms   >>>>> Association Forms.  From the website, download and print the ARC Application and Neighbor Comment Form. Once completed, please forward these forms to the ARC Chairperson’s e-mail, with a copy to the General Manager at the Stoney Brook office (

Once received and reviewed for completeness, the ARC Chairperson sends the homeowner’s request to the ARC Committee members for review and a vote for approval, non-approval or suggested modification(s) to gain approval.  While the committee has 45 days to make their decision, turnaround is typically made within 1-2 weeks.  If a majority of votes are in favor of your project, notification of approval to proceed is sent to the homeowner.  Upon approval, the homeowner should complete the proposed project within one year.  If any significant modifications are made to the originally proposed project, an application must be resubmitted.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Mike Meisinger, ARC Chairperson