Architectural Review Committee

All exterior changes, alterations or modifications on a Lot or on adjacent Common Area, except for those related to routine maintenance, must receive prior written approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).

In order to do any changes on the outside of your house, which includes windows, doors, deck changes, garage doors and landscaping among other items, the procedure to accomplish this is done with forms found on our Stoney Brook website. You will need to download the ARC application and Neighbors Consent form, plus a copy of your plot. Once completed these forms need to be sent to my email with a copy going to our office. Once I receive these required forms, I will send them out to the ARC Committee members for them to review them. The Committee members will either visit your home to review these forms or in some cases just vote on your project. Social distancing is required when or if we visit your home. Once I receive back the members votes I tally them up. If a majority of votes is in favor, the project is approved. If it’s a larger project, you should get the contractor to give you his quote. Once you receive approval from me, you have 1 year to complete the project. If you make any changes in your project, you must redo the application and neighbors consent forms. Again, no work can start until it’s approved, and I contact you.

The Committee has 45 days to approve or disapprove a project. Usually, we can get this done within 2 weeks.

A reminder that ONLY brown mulch can be used in landscaping projects.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Debbie Wolach
Chairman of Architectural Review Committee