Social Committee

Who We Are

Stoney Brook’s Social Committee is comprised of volunteer homeowners that plan, organize and implement community-wide social events throughout the year.  As approved at the Annual Meeting, we are tasked to optimize a modest annual operating budget for the benefit of our residents.

Our Mission

The Social Committee aims to provide a schedule of inclusive, evolving, and enjoyable social events that foster neighborhood pride, instill community spirit, encourage charitable outreach and build strong friendships among our residents.

2024 Committee Members

  • Mike Meisinger (Chair)
  • Susan Anderson
  • Linda Branish
  • Evelyn Burke
  • Nancy Cochran
  • Mary Ann Harper
  • Jennifer Hilger
  • Judie Hutson
  • Sharon Kassanoff
  • Bonnie Markman
  • Marian Neely-Carlson
  • Matt Palaoro
  • Joan Quilico
  • Nancy Winski

What We Do

The Social Committee collaboratively creates opportunities for residents to interact in a fun, neighborly social setting.  With feedback and ideas from residents and committee members, the committee holds an initial meeting to brainstorm, approve and set the social calendar for the community’s calendar year.  

The year’s community gatherings typically include signature events such as a Summer Kick-Off Party, an End of Summer Gathering, a Community Food Drive and an end of year Holiday Party.  It also holds various sub-committee driven opportunities for residents to gather in less formal, impromptu settings such as Girl’s Night Out and Drinks on the Deck.  Throughout the year, it meets 8-10 times to administer and carry out these events.