Author: SBHOA Administrator

Units for Sale

Residents selling their Stoney Brook unit or other realty they own are invited to post a detailed notice here. Send the information to for posting. The posting normally will remain on the website for at least 120 days. An owner may request an ad be modified, extended, or deleted. UNITS WITH AN MLS # 

Units for Rent

Residents renting or leasing their Stoney Brook unit are invited to post a detailed notice here, as are persons seeking rentals in Stoney Brook. Send the relevant information to for posting. The posting will remain on the website for 90 days unless the submitter requests it be extended or deleted. Owners renting or leasing their lots must comply with…

Pet Sitter

Looking for a pet sitter, in my home or yours for a sweet, gentle senior Kitten-Cat.  Balinese breed, age 15.  She needs oral medicine daily but is very easy to administer and twice a week trips to the vet clinic at DTC and Orchard for fluids.  If unable to administer the medication or trips to the…